Saturday, July 27

training update: weeks 5 and 6

i finally feel like i'm reaching the point of "not dying" at the end of my runs.  looking  back, it's crazy to think that my regular daily runs are longer than my first week's long run! progress is definitely a fun achievement!

during one of my runs last week, i got caught in the middle of a mini-rainstorm.
at first, i felt a little bummed, and a lot stressed that my iphone was going to be ruined,
but then i realized that there was nothing i could do about it, except enjoy the refreshing surprise!
so i just kept running till reached my goal and made it home.
what a blessing from the Lord. it was just the cool down i needed.

slowly but surely we are getting there!
i'm a bit nervous about next week's 5 miler, but fingers crossed! :)

1 comment:

  1. i NEED to run during a rain storm. I WILL run tonight whether it is raining or not, thanks for hte motivation! :)


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