Wednesday, August 21

what i'm loving today

my name is sarah grace, and i love etsy.
i love seeing the beautiful things that people create,
and i love adding them all to my wish list!

today, i'm loving these beautiful water color prints by caitlin mcclain, designer and owner of little low studios in austin texas. 

i can't get enough of her "man's best friend" illustration print. 
although personally, i think raider would be a perfect candidate for the letter "r"! :)
little low studios via etsy
little low studios via etsy
if you're an etsy addict like me, you should probably sign up for this super fun swap over on my friend amy's blog!  i can't wait to see who i'm paired with!
what are you loving today?


  1. Love that adventure print. Seriously cute!

  2. OH MY GOSH that print = love it!
    People are so creative!!
    Thanks for the shout out..i'm excited to pair people up!


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