Thursday, July 18

pretty in purple

of all the projects i am blessed to be a part of, i think bachelorette parties are the most fun.
i love seeing how excited the bridemaids are to shower their sweet friend with love and attention.

this bride's favorite color was purple, so we updated the invite to match accordingly!
we also included a lingerie shower card and a weekend schedule. 
the schedule piece is definitely my favorite part.
every girl loves to be prepared when they go off for a weekend with the girls, so we paired the set with a weekend schedule card! this piece is completely customizable, whether you're hanging by the pool, having a spa day, or taking on the town, the schedule pieces can be updated to match the occasion.
need a custom invitation?
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  1. these are PERFECT! you do great work, girl :)

  2. stop it! THESE ARE SO CUTE!
    I love the schedule, and the lingerie card! you are so talented!


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