Tuesday, July 2

beep beep!

i am excited to introduce my new toy!
last weekend, bub-hub and i traded in my SUV for a fiat! :)
it's tiny and cute and it makes me feel like i'm racing around in mario kart.
i absolutely loved my suv, but this car was just too fun to pass up.
new cars are so fun. i am one lucky girl!

and in case anyone was worried, raider loves his new ride. :)

am i the only one who picks out cars based solely on their appearance?


  1. I'm currently trying to get out of my SUV as well- gotta save on that gas moneyyyy!
    And this, this is just too cute! YAY for new cars!!

  2. It's soo cute!!!! How exciting!! I'm not sure I could downsize though! In fact I actually moved up from a small sedan to a small SUV last week. I'm not sure I'll after go back! haha

    Enjoy your new ride!

  3. It looks so cute for you! I feel that i would be cramped in there, but then again, i love riding in little bugs!


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