Tuesday, July 16

puppy party in the pool

ever since raider joined our family, i've wondered if he could swim.
i grew up with a yellow lab that loved the water more than land and couldn't walk past a puddle without jumping in it.
raider could not be more opposite.

last weekend when we were visiting our family back home,
we threw raider in the pool to see how he would react.
pretty sure we scarred him for life.
after a bit of doggy paddling, raider swam back to us on the side of the pool and bub-hub put him on the floatie for safety.
raider loves to soak in the sunshine!
lesson learned from our weekend of fun:
all puppies can swim,
but that doesn't mean they enjoy it.


  1. My puppy loves the pool. I love the pic!!

  2. :) He looks so happy on the float though, so maybe you didn't scar him for life! :)

  3. Ha ha. My dad was always paranoid our dog would want to jump in the pool. He didn't want Buddy destroying the pool liner. Probably a good thing because we would have scarred her, too! :)


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