Monday, June 24

wilderness weekend

hello monday, here so soon??
this was such a great weekend. 
so much fun, adventure, and relaxing.
and just like that, it's monday again.

friday afternoon, bub-hub and i played hooky and snuck away from responsibility to go see monsters u! we might have been the only ones in the theater over the age of 8 without kids. #noshame
too cute to handle. 

saturday morning, we headed out to woodlands lake for some kayaking.
bub-hub and i are adventurous and we love sunshine! but we not outdoors-men by any means.
this little 1 1/2 hour trip down the waterway was the perfect amount of exploration for us.
about 15 minutes in i was already looking forward to lunch and a margarita. 

how was your weekend?
any fun adventures to share?

1 comment:

  1. SO fun! :) We "snuck away from responsibility" as well, and spent a beautiful & relaxing Sunday afternoon on a blanket beneath the shade of an old tree!


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