Thursday, June 20

forever honeymooners

bub-hub and i were fortunate enough to celebrate our anniversary in beautiful(ish) cancun!
i only say "ish" because our visit occured in the middle of tropical storm.
we didn't even bother to check the forecast before we left.
mexico always has perfect beach weather right??
so needless to say, we were surprised to be greeted with dark stormy rain clouds instead of clear blue skies.
despite the rain, we were so spoiled all week.
when we arrived at our room, we were welcomed with a fun anniversary banner on our door!
each evening, we came back from dinner to find our room was decorated with towel animals and rose petals and they even gave us a special "romantic" dinner. #awwwshucks

we spent our rainy days drinking lots of coca-cola light,
eating yummy yummy food,
playing mexican animal bingo,
trying new drinks at the martini bar,
getting fantastic massages,
and learning how to play chess.
 our last full day in mexico, we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine.
more sunshine than our sunscreen could block,
but we soaked up every minute we could!

i can't wait to go back again.
i loved getting to spend the week being lazy with my bub-hub.



  1. We totally forgot to talk about the hydra therapy...haha

  2. Song likes a nice, relaxing trip. Also, you look adorable in your floppy hat!

  3. Awe Cancun! We went for our anniversary last September and we're planning on going back again this year :) Looks like you had a good time even though it was raining

  4. i'm so jealous! THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!! :)
    And hey, weather is weather and even if the forecast said you would have beautiful weather, it could always change!! But i'm glad y'all did have a sunny day to enjoy!


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