Tuesday, June 11

sweet celebrations always include dancing and cake

last weekend, my sweet sister-in-law became a wife!
picture the most beautiful bride and groom, both inside and out,
and you've met the hamiltons!
i didn't get many photos because i was too busy eating tons of yummy cake and showing off my dance moves, but just trust me:
it was the most beautiful wedding you've ever seen!
my family joined the festivities and of course, tore up the dance floor.
bub-hub was quite the stud and danced the night away right by my side.
i love this man.
isn't he so handsome?!
so blessed to have a husband with such a sweet family.
i love them more and more each day.

1 comment:

  1. she looks gorgeous, and so do you!
    Where did you end up getting it?!


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