Thursday, May 23

some pictures, a park & a puppy

i love my family.
maybe i'm a little biased,
but i'm pretty sure i'm the luckiest girl on the planet.
raider was loving life that morning.
he was running around the park like a mad man and just having the time of his life. he'd come back and pose for a few photos, and then run back into the trees.
#naturedog #wildman
please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks having pets in your family photos is a fabulous idea.
these photos were snapped by the lovely sarah carpenter at sarah ashley events.
sarah and her hubby/assistant ben did a fantastic job.
i was blown away with the photos and can't stop scrolling through them.
i love the way they were able to capture our personalities.
bub-hub and i don't take ourselves too seriously, 
so it was great to have a photographer to laugh with us through our awkwardness.
it's amazing what a fabulous photographer can do with a camera.
fun fact:
these were taken at the same park we took our wedding party photos!
i know, we are the cheesiest of them all.

to see more photos, check out sarah's blog post on our shoot:
for real. she's the bomb[dot]com.


  1. oh my goodness i am LOVING these pictures :) so stinking sweet!

  2. So adorable! Raider is such a cutie too! And congrats on your first year of marriage!

  3. First- OF COURSE dogs should be in family photos. I don't know about yours, but mine thinks she's people with 4 legs.

    Second- LOVE all these photos! Super cute.

    My Wholesome Home

  4. eeep!! I love them!
    They are so beautiful!
    And i love that raider was in on it!

  5. Adorable pictures :) Including Raider was a great idea.

  6. Sarah Grace, your blog is so great! Love your layout & your photos are adorable! I'll be on the lookout for fun fact friday!


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