Tuesday, May 7

murder at stirling hall

i admit it: i'm addicted to downton abbey.
so when we were invited to a murder mystery party,
 at stirling hall in england, in the year 1919,
i was pumped.
i might not have come close to solving the murder,
but it was really fun trying to figure it out.
bub-hub figured it out.
have you ever been to a murder mystery party?


  1. Love this! I love Downton Abbey too and have only been to a murder mystery restaurant, which I thought was so much fun, but I would love to go to a murder mystery party to!



  2. you look absolutely darling!! i need to get into this downtown abbey business!

  3. I've never been, but always wanted to! You look fabulous.

  4. I have YET to start Downton Abbey...but i want to! I'm just in the middle of 2,102 shows ha.
    LOVE y'alls outfit, and what a fun party...i've always wanted to go to/host a murder mystery!
    Sounds like so much fun


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