Wednesday, May 1

so thankful

today, i am thankful for
sweet and encouraging friends,
lunches at the farmers market,
 sunshine and warm weather,
a sweet bub-hub who always love me, even when i'm driving him nuts,
a spunky puppy who helps wake me up every morning
a gracious, loving and sovereign Savior.
what are you thankful for?
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  1. I'm thankful for posts on thankfulness. They always remind me to look for the good things.

    I'm also thankful that this is the last week in a month long super crazy busy month and I will be able to breathe again after this weekend!

  2. =) I love this list.
    I need to remind myself often to stop, pause, breathe, and be thankful and joyful for what the Lord has blessed me with! <3
    Love this post friend, absolutely love it!


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