Tuesday, September 27

winning at pinning

i've been going a little pin-crazy on pinterest. 
but i've decided to actually start doing/making/creating some of them, rather that just pin them on my super awesome boards and forget about them.
{{it makes me sad just thinking about it.}}

so here are a few of my most recent attempts at active creativity:


i've tried it, and love it! 
but i haven't completely nailed it yet, 
so don't make fun of the awkwardness por favor.

please and thank you. :)


so good, and so easy to make.

this site has great recipes for homemade coffee creamer.
i love it because it's organic, fresh, and yummy! :)
so far i've only tried the pumpkin spice,
but next up is french vanilla,
and then [someday....] when it's cold,
i wanna try the peppermint mocha.
i want them all.
i know, i'm super needy.

you can find my boards here:
pin with me

what have you been pinning and creating??

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