Thursday, September 15

for the love of coffee

[me, my crazy eyes, and my coffee cup.]

i'm thinking about writing a song,
because i can't think of any other way to fully express my love and appreciation for this wonderful part of my morning.

folgers, columbian, medium roast kcup
a ridiculous amount of half and half
one french vanilla creamer cup
1 splenda
the perfect cup of coffee

i'd like to thank stephanie for teaching me how to make my first cup of love, i mean coffeeand the sweet secretary that sat next to me at my first job for introducing me to half and half.
i couldn't have done it without cha!

oo coffee. 

don't worry, bryce is fully aware of little love affair, 
and even, for some silly reason, 
finds it completely ridiculous.
[[the nerve...]]

praise our wonderful Savior and his wonderful creation. :)

what makes your coffee wonderful??


  1. I have love for some sweet coffee too!!
    Cute blog. Have a great day!

  2. I love my coffee! When I am at home I put milk and sugar in it! And when I am at work, they have free creamer, so I put creamer and sugar! Sometimes its the only thing that gets me out of bed! :)

  3. Coffee time is date time for my husband and I. We drop the kids off at school and then stop at one of our many favorite coffee shops. We have them all scoped out. Grateful for coffee.

  4. I must be weird, but I like it straight up. No "training wheels" :) Although, I did pick up some La Creme french vanilla creamer...... and I kind of like it, but only once a week or less ~ ha!

  5. :) yesss this fabulous addiction...never going back!!

  6. So hilarious! Love your blog. And I share your love for coffee. My favo is a cup of smooth goodness with a dash of half & half and sugar in the raw, or some flavored creamer. I'm also obsessed with the ice coffee concentrate I learned to make from The Pioneer Woman made into Vietnamese iced coffee with half & half and sweetened condensed milk!


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