Monday, September 12

a charming date night :)

my fiance is quite the charmer.
and my super duper smooth talking fiance took me on a date saturday night.

i mean he and i hang out quite a bit.
we even go to dinner, see movies, go on walks...
but there is something special about calling it a date night.
and this time, he pulled out all the stops.

yummy dinner at pappasitos,
[where i ate my weight in fajitas and queso...because i'm super attractive like that.]
sunset walk through the park, including a reenactment of his beautiful proposal,
[[[and i only teared up a little...]]]
and a movie.

oooo.....but i left out the best part.
yup. hoops and yoyo.
does this man know my heart or what?

super duper night with a super duper guy. 


  1. sounds like a lovely date!! My husband and I used to have date night every Monday when we were engaged!

  2. awww! What a sweetheart!

    I love hoops and yoyo too! :)


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