Monday, September 12

fun with felt flowers :)

i went a little fabric flower crazy.
a tutorial on making fabric flowers popped up on my google reader, so i made one or two...or 6.

i stuck one of them on a headband, and i'm in love!!

i didn't have enough felt in my scraps drawer, so i used regular printed fabric, and just doubled up on the number of layers to fill it out a bit more.
i'm thinking of making a baby flower for some bobby pins.

[[yay for flowers!]]

it's super fun and peppy, and i can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow! :)

check out the how to on brittany's site!

any fun how-tos you have to recommend??

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! That one turned out so cute! I love that you alternated fabrics...good thinking :)


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