Tuesday, April 10

the yellow mustache mug

a few weeks ago, i wrote about this coffee mug swap i was participating in through Suzel Says.
well, i have officially received word that my mug has made it to it's destination, so i can share the super cute mug with you! :)

i was partnered up with amy at taking steps home.
after looking at her blog, i fell in love with the bright yellow in her header, and the beautiful pattern in the background. i decided i wanted to get her a fun, yellow mug, and etsy came to my rescue! : )

[via thebeautifulhome shop on etsy]

eeeeek!! i wanted to buy one for myself! : )
[i hope she likes it!!]

you should sign up for the coffee mug swap,
i promise you won't be sorry!

1 comment:

  1. Oh i more than like it, i LOVE it! :)
    Since you posted about sending it, i'll just posted about receiving it!
    Yours will be in the mail this Friday!! :)


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