Tuesday, March 27

lazy and overwhelmed

lately, i've been feeling a tad overwhelmed.
i can't seem to catch up with my to-do list.
last night, when i got back to my apartment, i started unpacking, putting things away, making my to-do list for the week, and then my mini-melt down started.

sometimes, i get so overwhelmed that i can't process anything that is going on.
i end up sitting down on my couch and staring at the wall because i can't figure out where to start.
in reality, i'm not actually that busy.
i'm just not prioritizing my time properly.

i'd rather watch mad men and paint than organize my closet and try to find space for our lovely new wedding gifts. i'd rather sleep than do laundry or dust the picture frames and book cases.

i know that it will be worth it in the end.
i know that if i work hard and accomplish all of the things i want to do for the wedding, i will look back and think it was worth it, and i will have no regrets.
[i can't wait to show you all my projects!]

the solution is for me to stop browsing pinterest.
my boards are not just full, they are overflowing, and if i'm not careful, i'm going to end up with a broken heart.
darn you pinterest and your beautiful and brilliant DIYs,
and your super cute photos of kissing toddlers.

[source unknown]

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