Friday, March 30

high five for friday [3.30.12]

here are my five favorite things from this past week:

i have been listening to my new-ish kari jobe cd non-stop.
i'm sure my office neighbors are ready for me to move on,
but who doesn't need a little more KJ-joy in their life?

i get to meet my friend's new puppy tomorrow!!!
a goldendoodle named tucker.
i'm about to explode with excitement.
i can't wait for our playdate at the park.
[too bad she's not naming him peter,,,then we could go see peter at the park.]

make it or break it came back. yup. i'm a 16 year old girl.
it's my fav. no shame at all.

my invitations are finally ready to go out. ooo man.
it's official. it's really happening.
i wonder if i'll get invited! ;)

have you tried the skinny girl cocktails??
i'm a big fan of all of their cocktails, but my favorite by far is the sangria.
soooo yummy.

happy friday everyone! : )


1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOSH...we're long lost sisters, at least according to most of your high five fridays posts!
    #1 I LOVE Kari Jobe! She is one of my absolute favorites!
    #3...i love that show, i'm not ashamed to admit it--i'm also not afraid to admit i still love Hanson.
    #5 i LURVE Skinny Girl (ANYTHING) especially the sangria!! We just made it the other night and added Diet Gingerale with sliced peaches and yummy!


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