Sunday, March 25

i'm a hunger games-er :)

yup, i'm a gamer...a hunger games-er! :)
i read [well listed to...] the books multiple times,
convinced all my friends to read them,
read all of the reviews & blogs and watched the trailers a bazillion and a half times.
[and my mama is reading this thinking...shouldn't you be working on your huge wedding-to-do-list and writing thank you notes?? busted...: ) ]

i think i might have been the last person to see it...even though the movie has only been out for a few days. i'm such a slacker, what can i say...
being a sort-of young adult really stinks sometimes.

of all the HG related things floating around the internet, these e-cards are definitely my fav.

i'm sure most of you have already seen these floating around pinterest and such, but i just had to share a few that made me chuckle:

[found here]

and now the wait for catching fire beings.

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