Wednesday, October 20

this is me today.

i'm gonna make a top ten for right now.
here goes it:

10.  i'm addicted to pumpkin.  in the past two weeks, i have baked pumpkin scones, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cake balls, and pumpkin waffles are in the works.  i have a pumpkin candle burning in my living room every evening, and i've got dreams of pumpkin carving in my future.  i love the fall!

pumpkin balls! adapted from this pumpkin bar recipe: yummmm!!! 
9.  i loveeeeee my google reader.  for real.  i love seeing the (#) every morning when i take my quick brain breaks throughout the day.  
8.  teen mom.  i'm obsessed.  it's a love hate relationship.  i just can't stop myself.
7.  my new scrapbook is underway, and i've got sooo many new pictures to fill it up! 
6. college football! i'm not exactly the espn guru by any means, but i love watching it! it gets me so excited, and it's super fun to pretend to be a kid again!
bryce was a super trooper at the tech/baylor game! wreck 'em!
5. new friends! : ) who doesn't love that??

4.  i'm lovin the new shane and shane cd.  for reals.  it's a soul-refreshing investment.
3.  sweaters, yoga pants, ugg boots. these three things are wonderful things are coming out of the back of my closet. well maybe just the first two, but i have faith that the third will come out some day!
2.  the one a day chronological study Bible.  definitely a really cool way to read through and dig into the word.
1.  cary grant, gene kelley, audrey hepburn, anything classic.  i love saturday afternoons.  pop in an old movie (daddy long legs, every girl should be married, roman holiday, your choice), bust out the pictures, scissors and glue, and get ready for some scrapbookin magic.

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