Thursday, October 28

i need a baking intervention.

hello world! :)
i've decided to put together another top ten:

10. the big bang theory is probably the funniest show i've seen in all of my existance.  i love sheldon cooper. not more than bryce. but what can i say, my heart melts for a boy in plaid pants and a flash t-shirt. also, BBT means it's thursday, which also means the office, and best of all, it means that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! :

9.  pumpkin streusel bars, courtesy of how to: simplify, are probably going to change my life.  i few weeks ago i made her pumpkin cream cheese bars, and i have no doubt these will be just as wonderful.

8. 1 peter 5:7 "cast all your cares upon Him, because he cares for you." A-STINKIN-MEN! 

7. yellow t-shirt, black paint, 3 inch foam brush.  get ready for project: halloween costume! : )

6.  having a wonderful friend with wonderful clothes.  it's one of the things i miss most about having roomies, but that shall be solved soon!

5.  charlie brown.  today i watched bits and pieces of Happy Valentines Charlie Brown (my most favorite is minutes 3:02 - 4:30) do you know the tortures of a memory of a lost love?!?!!! it will haunt you every day!! are you sure you want to lose me?  o the pains of unrequited love.  

4. tech a&m weekend is this weekend! WRECK 'EM Tech!! :)

3. i love seeing the temperature drop below 95 degrees.  i really don't ask for much.  i just want to wear a sweater. is that too much to ask for?

2.  i got to see my mom this week! it was a short visit, but still great! i'm glad God gave me such a great family, and i'm pretty positive i wouldn't trade them in for anything!

1.  i had to go to walmart tonight, scarring most definitely, but one good thing did come from it.  there were christmas trees on display.  although i don't plan on buying anything else from walmart unless under extreme emergency related circumstances.....i'm taking this as a sign that Christmas is coming soon! and i can't wait to decorate my apartment!!

and that's me today. :)

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