Tuesday, April 9

welcome to our entryway

i finally decorated our apartment entry way.
4 months isn't too long to wait is it?
i found 4 matching frames at goodwill,
spray painted them with white, matte paint
and filled the frames with cute fabric!
easy as pie.
p.s. hobby lobby sells patterned burlap.
shut the front door.
pretty lifechanging find if i do say so myself.
do you have any fun and easy home projects to share?


  1. they do not sell patterned burlap...are you serious?! That is AMAZING! I will definitely be making a trip there soon!
    Also....love the entry way, too cute! especially the "c" !!

  2. Hobby Lobby here I come! I have no idea they even had patterned burlap! So exciting! Cute entryway and great job on the frames!

  3. SUPER cute! Love a good thrifted frame!


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