Monday, January 28

the big one!

what is more adorable than a first birthday party?
ummmm....nothing. :)
recently, a sweet friend asked me to help design the invitation to her baby boy's first birthday party and i was thrilled! she is such a fantastic party planner, so i can't wait to see how the party turns out!

i tried to keep the design minimal and make the photo of her baby boy the main focus. 
i love how bright and simple the colors are. 

and just because i've got spring fever:
no, i didn't throw a birthday party for raider,,,,yet. :)
although, that is a brilliant idea!

visit gracefully made designs on etsy. 


  1. super cute! you are very talented!

  2. Girl, stop being so dang talented! ha, i kid! :)
    I love both of them, the colors/layout/design is fantastic!

  3. how cute is this!!! love it girlie!

    i have always wanted to throw a parlayyy for my pups, but they happen to be during the busiest times of life (december...cmas, and feb.. vday). But we do sing happy birthday. now if I can just move to get all their friends over!

  4. I seriously wanted to throw our pup a 1st birthday party but felt just too silly to actually do it!! These are adorable :)


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