Tuesday, February 21

a trek across texas

last weekend, bryce and i took quite the road trip across texas.
we started in abilene to watch his siblings dominate all over the place! :)

we started in abilene for SingSong! 
this had to be the cutest, most unique thing i've seen in quite a while.

a firefly and a bear
my soon-to-be-sisters-in-law they are the cutest!! :)

next stop.....san antonio!
we got to watch the Grapevine Faith High School soccer team win state!

it was so fun to celebrate with them!
i don't know how soccer moms do it...watching those boys play was one of the most stressful things i've ever done. 
but it was so fun!! 

and no trip to san antonio is complete without a trip to the river walk! :)
chips, salsa, and margaritas were the perfect way to wrap up a crazy and super fun weekend. 

how did you spend your president's day??

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