Sunday, December 11

the best way to spend a saturday morning.

this past saturday,
bryce and i made a trip over to the animal shelter downtown.
i'm not going to lie,
i had to prep for the visit.

every time i've gone to play with puppies in the past, i always fall hard and fast.  i have my whole future planned out with the little fur ball:
long walks in the park,
scraps of food under the table,
games of tug a war...
and then reality steps in,
and i have to put the puppy down, 
and bryce has to drag me out of the room all sad and mopey like.

this time, 
i was very impressed with myself.  
i didn't shed a single tear,
and my heart only ached for a little while.

but can you blame me??
the little guy is so cute! :)

it was a primo way to spend a saturday morning.

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