Monday, July 4

the happiest, rainiest, place on earth

top ten things i love about disney world:

[1] mickey mouse ice cream bars

[2] fast passes, and getting to ride super cool roller coasters without the wait! 
tons of fun in a tiny amount of time! :)

[3] family bonding time, including tons of family photos!!

[4] celebrating friendship day with lunch {and a parade} with the gang from the 100 acre woods! :)

[5]  going on a safari and getting to see all of the beautiful animals up close and personal.  
i love me some giraffes and eles!

[6] not drowning in the daily downpours that occurred every afternoon,,,,,every single afternoon.

[7] traveling around the world in just a few hours


{germany,,,can't you tell from the pickle tree??} 


{pastry land,,,,,i mean france} 

{england! my mama and i love our tea!}

[8] getting to wear 3D glasses in all shapes and sizes

[9] silly gifts to be found in every store
please note that most of these "silly gifts" photos were taken with our super fly ponchos on,,,,because what better place to wait out a torrential downpour [or 4] than in a gift shop?!

{an antenna topper to fit any personality!}

{gotta love those germans and their humor}

[10] getting to run around and act like a kid. hands down the best part. :)


i love my family.
and we know how to have a good time.
[try not to be too jealous of our awesomeness.] 


  1. Looks like you had a marvelous time!!!!!!

  2. 1. when I was 7 we had lunch with the hundred acre wood gang too :)

    2. I love antenna toppers

    3. this makes me want to go back SOOO badly!!! :)


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