Monday, June 20

a month in review

since my last blog post i have:

taken a trip to mexico
{bryce might have had to drag me back on the boat....maybe.}

quit resigned from my first grown up job
created a giant stack of super cute cards
watched two seasons of "make it or break it" on abc family
moved back to coppell
booked a dj and a wedding reception venue
{my current getting pumped up song of the moment:}

interviewed [and keeping my fingers crossed!] for a few new jobs
started my search for a new car
gotten sucked in to the new season of the bachelorette
[[more details to come on all of the above]]

this time last year i was graduating from college, starting my first job, moving into my first apartment, and taking my first shot at being a big girl.  
it's crazy how much can change in a year.
when i think about how much God has provided for me over the past 12 months, 
i can't help but get excited to see what's gonna happen tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. You've been busy, girl! Good luck with the job search [:


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